EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (2024)

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (1)

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Don't you have an updated list of emule servers? Do you have problems with emule? Is the server list cleared from time to time?Don't you know how to update the servers for your emule? Don't worry, I have found a step-by-step manual that explains how to do it.

If you are an eMule user, you are sure that you know that a large part of the eMule servers are no longer working or are not reliable. Here we will show you how to configure your eMule with the Reliable Emule Servers for 2017.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Manual to configure eMule servers 2017
  • 2 How to update servers without restarting eMule?
  • 3 Add eMule servers manually
  • 4 What to do if emule does not connect?
  • 5 List of Emule servers August 2017
  • 6 Tips for the eMule
  • 7 How to reconnect eMule?
  • 8 Use an updated IP filter
  • 9 How to download torrents with eMule
  • 10 Video to install and configure eMule
  • 11 Download eMule for free
    • 11.1 Emule for Windows 10
    • 11.2 Emule for Mac
  • 12 Do you know aMule?
  • 13 Where to get movies for eMule

Manual to configure eMule servers 2017

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (2)

The first thing we have to do is open the eMule and go to the Preferences> Server section. At this moment the window above will open. In it we have to mark the following fields:

  • Auto update server list at the beginning
  • Smart ID control
  • Use priority system
  • Assign high priority to manually added servers

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (3)

Now without pressing the accept button yet we click where it says edit. The notepad that will allow us to add a new server will appear in a new window. In this step, what we have to do is delete what appears (if it is not blank) and register http://sites.google.com/site/ircemulespanish/descargas-2/server.met

Save the notepad changes and you close it. Then click on the Apply and OK buttons and close the eMule preferences window.

And with this we have everything ready.

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How to update servers without restarting eMule?

If we don't want to have to close and open eMule to update the servers we can do the following.

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (5)

On the main screen of eMule there is a box that says Update Server.met from URL. Copy and paste http://sites.google.com/site/ircemulespanish/descargas-2/server.met in the text box and hit the update button. And voila, you already have the eMule with updated servers.

Add eMule servers manually

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (6)

If you would like to add some eMule servers manually what you have to do is click on the tab New Server. A new window will open where you can put the IP, the port and the name of the eMule server.

It is important that you never hand in any untrusted eMule server. Here we show you a eMule server list as of January 2017with total guarantee.

What to do if emule does not connect?

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (7)

This is a question we always ask ourselves regardless of what program is trying to access the internet. If eMule does not connect, we will check:

  • The first thing I usually do when a software does not connect or its connection is slower than it should is to do a speed test. I trust the web NET, although sometimes it is enough to try to access any website (not heavy) to make sure that our connection has not dropped.
  • It is also important check that no software is blocking eMule. This is not the most common, but an operating system update can cause the firewall rules to change and start blocking something that was not blocking before the update. If eMule does not connect, we will go to the firewall settings and make sure that we have given it access.
  • Another thing that can help us connect is change server. Servers can crash and sometimes the solution is as simple as double-clicking another server.
  • The mule is very capricious and works how and when it wants. A good idea to make your connection easier is open the ports you use on the router. Depending on our router, this will be done in one way or another, so it is best to do an internet search to do it on the router we have.

List of Emule servers August 2017

The Internet is full of eMule servers but here we show you only the ones that work.

  • eMule Security nº1 ——> ed2k: // | server | | 1176 | /
  • eMule Security nº2 ——> ed2k: // | server | | 3883 | /
  • eMule Security nº3 ——> ed2k: // | server | | 9939 | /
  • eMule Security nº4 ——> ed2k: // | server | | 5041 | /
  • TV Underground —-> ed2k: // | server | | 4184 | /
  • net Server —–> ed2k: // | server | | 4661 | /
  • Sharing-Devils.org No.3 -> ed2k: // | server | | 4232 | /

It is very important not to use a server that is not on this list since it is very likely that it is a server with corrupted, faulty files or programs full of viruses. Never use an eMule server that is not fully trusted.

Tips for the eMule

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (8)

Some useful tips about eMule servers:

  • Only use safe list serversthat we have provided you
  • If you want prioritize a specific server (the one that works best for you for example) you can do it by clicking on the right button> Priority> High. In the image above you can see how it is done. In the same way you can give low priority to those that work worst for you
  • When looking for a server it is useful to check which ones have best Ping-Number of users ratio.

How to reconnect eMule?

Something that can happen from time to time is that you lose the connection in the eMule. To avoid this being a nuisance you just have to click on Preferences> Connection and check the box Reconnect when losing connection.

Use an updated IP filter

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (10)

For security reasons it is important that you use an updated IP filter. To do this you have to go to Preferences> Security and check the Filter servers box. Then in the box ofUpdate from URLYou include the following URL http://sites.google.com/site/ircemulespanish/descargas-2/ipfilter.zip

Then you hit the Upload button and finally on Apply and OK.

It is very important that never update from the directionhttp://gruk.org/list.php.

And with this we are done with the information about eMule servers. Finally we are going to show you a video where you will learn how to install and configure eMule from scratch for those users who do not know how to do it.

How to download torrents with eMule

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (11)

Okay. If you are an eMule user, it is likely that you have found out that its latest version allows downloading .torrent files, no? Well no, be very careful with this. A couple of years ago eMule 0.60 appeared on the network, which, in theory, was the most up-to-date version so far. But, if we go to the official eMule website, we will see that the latest stable version is 0.50a. What is happening?

What is happening is that a third developer has thought that eMule is not advancing as fast as it should, has decided to create its own version and it is this one that is capable of downloading torrents. In fact, the most updated versions of this software are no longer called eMule, if not eMuleTorrent.

With this explained, each one should be responsible if they decide to install this software but, if you are not worried about using a version of eMule with advertising and that may include malicious code, below I will explain how to download .torrent files with eMuleTorrent:

  1. Let's go to the project page and download the version for our operating system (Windows or macOS).
  2. Logically, the next step will be to install the file downloaded in the previous step. Although nothing has to happen, I remember again that we will be installing an unofficial version.
  3. The next step depends on how we have configured the opening of .magnet links or .torrent files. With this in mind, what I would do is link both the .magnet links and the .torrent files to eMuleTorrent to make things easier in the future. To do this, the first thing we will do is search the internet for these links or files. There are many search engines for .torrents, less and less, so what we will have to do in this step are two things: search for a .magnet, click on it and link it with eMuleTorrent and the same with .torrent files, but in In this case we will have to download the file to our computer, double click on it and link it to eMuleTorrent. If we already have the .torrent files linked to another program, we will have to change which program will open them by right clicking on it and modifying the preferences.

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (12)

  1. Next we will perform a search for a torrent on the internet. If what we have found is a .torrent file, we can drag it to eMuleTorrent as you can see in the image. If what we find is a .magnet link and we already have them linked to eMuleTorrent, as soon as we click on it, it will open in eMuleTorrent. This version of eMule has its own search engine that we can use, in case you want to try your luck.
  2. Although there is much that we could touch, personally I think that the last step is to wait for a download to finish that will be much faster than those of the eDonkey network.

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (13)

Video to install and configure eMule

If you have problems installing and / or configuring eMule, here is a step by step video that will teach you how to use this popular download manager.

Download eMule for free

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (14)

The P2P Downloader eMule is free, even if it is owned by your project (it is not open source). It can be downloaded from the official website of the project, available from this link.

With this explained, bear beware of unofficial versions that ask you for money. There are some that have been discovered months later that are not official, such as eMuleTorrent, to which we can make a donation if we like the new it brings, but the official version of eMule is free.

Emule for Windows 10

Forget: there is no specific version of eMule for Windows 10. If you are reading this point with special interest, it is because eMule started giving you problems when updating to the latest version of the operating system for Microsoft computers, but this is normal if we take into account that Windows 10 is much more secure than previous versions Windows.

What we do have to do to make it work fairly well is access the system's firewall options and allow all connections to eMule. Still, the system will likely detect the software as a back door.

Emule for Mac

There is also no official version of eMule for Mac. What there are are unofficial versions, such as eMuleTorrent or the open source option aMule.

What we can do to install eMule on Mac is to use an emulation software like Wine, something that, in fact, is what I have used to make the screenshots of eMuleTorrent from Ubuntu (PlayOnLinux, to be more exact).

Do you know aMule?

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (15)

There are users who do not like to use proprietary software and prefer to use open source software, especially if they are Linux users. That's exactly what aMule is: the open source version of eMule designed for macOS and Linux users.

You could say that it is not updated as much as the official version for Windows, but we would not be telling the whole truth. Although it had been a long time in the same version, this has been the case because it has not been necessary to include new features. Last September aMule 2.3.2 was released with many improvements, especially in terms of bug fixes.

If you use an Ubuntu-based version of Linux, installing aMule is as simple as opening a terminal and typing the command sudo apt install amule –y (being "-y" to install without asking us for confirmation after entering our password). If not, you can always access your Official Site, download its code and install it on both Linux and macOS.

Where to get movies for eMule

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (16)

This is a question that is asked as is, but it is a bit confusing: there are no movies for eMule because eMule is not a player or anything like that. What you want to know is where to get links to download movies with eMule.

These links are called eD2k links or eLinks and you can find them on pages like the following.

Do you know more servers for Emule? Leave us a comment with which ones you use to download content from the Internet through this P2P client.

The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here!.

EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule (2024)


EMule Servers 2022 - List of trusted servers for eMule? ›

Quick list of updated emule servers August 2022
  • eMule Security – IP: – Port: 6584.
  • !! Sharing-Devils No. ...
  • GrupoTS Server – IP: – Port: 4661.
  • Astra-3 – IP: 213252245239 – Port: 43333.
  • Astra-2 – IP: – Port: 22888.
  • Astra-6 – IP: – Port: 35037.
Feb 4, 2022

Does eMule Still Work 2022? ›

eMule is one of the original peer-to-peer sharing programs. It was created in 2002 and has seen more than 4 billion files shared over its servers.
EMule Download for Free - 2022 Latest Version.
💡 Version:0.50a
💿 License:Free
🏢 Developer Name:eMule
📊 Total Downloads:1,989,281
➡️ Category:File Sharing
1 more row

Does eMule Still Work 2021? ›

But eMule is still with us. It's a peer-to-peer file-sharing application that uses eDonkey servers and its own decentralized Kad network. Believe it or not, eMule is still alive and kicking. These days, file sharing is all about BitTorrent and file-hosting websites like RapidShare and the ill-fated MegaUpload.

Is eMule secure? ›

eMule itself is safe. :+1: It's no more dangerous than having an Internet connection without eMule. If you set rightly your router, firewall, antivirus, etcetera, eMule is not a hole in your system. The things you download may be infected with malware as anything you can download in any network (be it P2P or not).

Can I use eMule with VPN? ›

If you want to download safely on eMule without being monitored by your ISP and copyright trolls, you need to use a VPN. And not just any VPN because it needs to allow port forwarding to get fast download speeds on eMule.

How many people use eMule? ›

As of August 2017, it is the fourth most downloaded project on SourceForge, with over 685 million downloads.

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