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Helping public and private sector legal teams to work smarter

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The modern approach to legal case and practice management

Legal teams are under constant pressure to do more with less. For budget-constrained local authorities, the drive for efficiency is more urgent than ever. Legal case management has been designed to help teams work smarter. Industry-based workflows for managing everything from education to commercial procurement enable legal teams and law firms to deliver a cost-effective, high-quality service.

It is cloud-based so that teams can use it from any device. Its modern, responsive user interface creates a powerful and convenient tool for managing legal services. Legal case management supports all the essential tasks for legal teams: case and matter management, document management, and court and document bundling.

It is builton the award-winning iCasework platform helping teams to deliver efficient, cost-effective legal services.

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Why choose - Civica Legal?

Faster working - using ready-made, automated templates to cut admin time and help teams hit submission dates

Transparent information - helping internal teams, clients and third parties to clearly see essential information

Comprehensive reporting - from a wide range of areas from adult services to property

Easy to use - fully responsive and intuitive tools requiring minimal training

Quick to deploy - cloud-based environments and on from any device, 24/7/365

Highly configurable - to support unique case processes and workflows

Features of Civica Legal

File and case management

Standard or custom workflows offer a full suite of case management tools, including integrated bundling and comprehensive case information capture. Clients can use Civica Legal’s portal to instruct teams or follow the progress of matters 24/7, reducing the admin burden for legal professionals.

Debt recovery

Debt recovery can be integrated with additional modules to help you manage debt recovery processes efficiently. They calculate interest, fees and costs incurred; and generate all the documentation required for the plaintiff, defendant or court.

Time recording and billing

Time and disbursem*nts can be easily captured and recorded and presented in industry-standard reports to save time and effort.

Cloud-based managed service

Civica Legal is a fully managed solution designed for access via any device and scalable to match your usage and requirements. Enable you teams to rapidly record, control and subsequently bill time and disbursem*nts incurred by users; and facilitates custom reporting.

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Legal case management software (4)

40+ years

Legal software experience

200+ customers

using Civica Case Management systems

6m+ cases

managed every year

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Legal case management software (5)




The Civica team worked collaboratively with us to implement Civica Legal workflows and processes that enable the Council’s legal team to do our jobs more efficiently.

Sectors we serve

Private practices

Using Civica Legal, private law firms can work across all their core practice areas more efficiently. Standard workflows can take care of case management for matrimonial, conveyancing, personal injury, wills and probate, and legal aid matters.

Public sector legal teams

Local authorities and other bodies use Civica Legal’s powerful features for to make case management more efficient and cost-effective. The solution comes pre-loaded with workflows to manage all core areas of public sector legal practice:

  • Childcare
  • Litigation
  • Conveyancing
  • Adult Social care
  • Commercial
  • Employment
  • Highways and housing
  • Planning and property
  • Prosecution

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Legal case management software (2024)
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