One Point Foods for Weight Watchers Points (2024)

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One Point Foods List Food List

These one point foods are for Weight Watchers original points system.If you are still following this diet plan, then be sure to check outthis page before you nibble on a snack, make a recipe or plan yourmeals for the day.

With the different choices of veggies, fruits,beverages, meats and more you are sure to find something that can addflavor and fun and keep you feeling full on your Weight Watchers mealplan.

If you want more than just a food list, then check out the WeightWatchers one point recipes as well.

Food and hungerdo nothave to be your enemy with these tasteful one point recipes and foods.

If you have switched over to the new points plus system, then check outthis page that shows One Point Plus foods list.

One Point Foods List

Hereis a list of some common foods that have only one Weight WatchersPoints.

These are great for a quick snack or as a side dishtoany healthy Weight Watchers meal.

Use the links below or scroll through the page to see all the WW 1point foods.

Breads,Cereals, CrackersMeats,Fish,ProteinCheese,Milk, Other Dairy

Food List

Scroll through the table below to find the one point foods you arelooking for.

Meats,Fish & Other Proteins
Weight Watchers One Point Foods
Serv SizeOrigWW Pts
Bacon, cooked1slice1
Bacon, Jennio Extra Lean Turkey1slice1
Chicken, drumstick w/o skin 1ea1
Clams, cooked 1/2cup1
Crabmeat, cooked 1/2cup1
Egg Whites 3ea1
Hot Dog, fat free 1ea1
Lobster, cooked 1/2ea1
Luncheon Meat, lean 1oz1
Salmon, smoked 1oz1
Shrimp, cooked 1/2cup1
Soy beans, cooked2.5oz1
Vegetarian breakfast patty 1oz1
Whitefish, smoked 2oz1
Grains,Breads, Rice, Cereal, Pasta
Weight Watchers One Point Foods
Serv SizePts +
Bran Flakes 1cup1
Crackers, fat free 7ea1
Kashi Go Lean Cereal 1cup1
Kelloggs Special K, protein plus 3/4cup1
Light Wheat Bread 2slices1
Melba Toast, all flavors 6round or 4 slices1
Oyster Crackers 20ea1
Pita 1small1
Rice Cakes, all flavors 2ea or 6 minis1
Saltines, fat free 5ea1
Sara Lee 45 Calorie Bread 2slices1
Shredded Wheat 1biscuit1
Fruits & Vegetables
Weight Watchers One Point Foods
Serv SizePts +

Apple, dried 1/2cup1
Apple, fresh 1small or med1
Applesauce, unsweetened 1cup1
Appricots, fresh 3ea1
Cantaloupe 1/2ea or 1 cup1
Dates 2ea1
Del Monte, Citrus Salad & TropicalFruit Salad 1/2cup1
General Mills Fruit Roll Up 1roll1
Grapefruit 1cup1
Grapes 1cup, 20 small, 12 lrg1
Honeydew Melon 1cup1
Kiwi 1ea1
Mandarin Orange 1cup1
Peach, Pear 1ea1
Prunes 2ea1
Watermelon 1cup1
Fruit Juices

Apple Juice or Cider 1/2cup1
Cranberry Juice co*cktail, regular 1/2cup1
Grapefruit juice 1/2cup1
Orange Juice 1/2cup1
Pineapple Juice 1/2cup1
Prune Juice 1/2cup1

Corn on the Cob 1small ear1
Giant Green Steamers (most varieties)WholeBag1
Parsnips 1cup1
Peas 1cup1
Water Chestnuts 1cup1
Milk, Yogurt, Cheese & Other Dairy Foods
Weight Watchers One Point Foods
Serv SizePts +
Cheese, fat free 1slice1
Cheese, hard , shredded3tbsp1
Cheese, hard low fat 1/4cup1
Cottage Cheese, 1%, 2% or fat free 1/3cup1
Cream cheese w/ strawberries, fat free 2tbsp1
Cream cheese, fat free 4tbsp1
Cream cheese, light 2tbsp1
Cream cheese, regular 1tbsp1
Dannon Yogurt, light n fit 4oz1
Jello Sugar Free Pudding cups 1cup1
Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges 1wedge1
Ricotta Cheese, fat free 1/3cup1

If you want to create your own onepoint foods snacks, try these dessert recipes on this site.Each has only 1 WW point.

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One Point Foods for Weight Watchers Points (2024)
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